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Velux & Roof Blinds

Our specially designed blinds offer precise light control and insulation, ensuring optimal comfort in any season. Whether you need to block out excessive sunlight, reduce heat gain, or enhance privacy, our Velux and roof blinds are the perfect solution.


With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, you can customize your blinds to perfectly match your interior decor

Alette Seafoam Cushion & Maverick Silver Roma

For highly effective Velux and roof blinds, contact Oisin Blinds

Bella Taupe

Conservatory Blinds

Transform your conservatory into an inviting oasis with our conservatory blinds. These blinds are specially designed to fit seamlessly into the unique architecture of conservatories, providing optimal light control, privacy, and temperature regulation. Whether you have a Victorian-style conservatory or a modern glass structure, we have a variety of blinds that will complement your space.


Our conservatory blinds are available in a range of styles, including pleated blinds, roller blinds, or Roman blinds. They are crafted from high-quality materials that are resistant to heat and humidity, ensuring longevity and durability. With customizable options in terms of colours, patterns, and operating mechanisms, you can create the perfect ambience and enhance your conservatory's aesthetics with our tailored blinds.

Conservatory Room Blinds
Skylight Blinds

Skylight Blinds

Embrace the beauty of natural light while maintaining control over glare and privacy with our skylight blinds. These blinds are designed specifically for skylights, providing a perfect fit and smooth operation. Skylight blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light entering your space, helping to create a comfortable and well-lit environment.


Our skylight blinds come in various styles, including pleated blinds, roller blinds, or blackout blinds. They are available in a range of fabrics and colours to match your interior design and personal preferences. Experience the convenience of light control and enhance the functionality of your skylights with our specially designed skylight blinds.

Skye Loft Bedroom-Vitra Zorro.jpg

For beautiful skylight blinds, contact Oisin Blinds

Velux Poles

Managing hard-to-reach Velux windows is made easy with our Velux poles. These poles are designed to conveniently open, close, and adjust Velux blinds installed in high or out-of-reach windows. With a simple twist or pull, you can effortlessly operate your Velux blinds, ensuring optimal light control and privacy.


Our Velux poles are available in various lengths to suit different window heights. They are crafted from high-quality materials for durability and ease of use. Enhance your experience with Velux blinds by adding a Velux pole to your window covering arsenal.

  • Where can I find blinds near me?
    Oisin Blinds sells blinds to customers in Louth, Meath and Dublin.
  • What kinds of blinds do you supply?
    We provide blinds such as Roman blinds, day & night blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds and more.
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